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Dr. David Schechter - Cardiac Testing

Cardiac Testing

The following cardiac testing is available through the office of Dr. David Schechter. Schedule your needed cardiac tests today!


Stickers are placed along the chest to measure electrical activity in your heart.


A noninvasive test to show how your heart muscle and valves are working.

Stress Test

Heart monitoring during treadmill exercise in order to assess heart function. 

Home Telemetry

A small machine that monitors heart activity and transmits the information in real time.

Home BP Monitoring

Machine that automatically transmits data to the office for close monitoring.

Cardiac Testing FAQ

What does an EKG test do?

An EKG is a quick, easy, painless test that can measure the heart for defects or damages.

How long does an EKG take?

An EKG takes approximately 3 minutes to perform.

How often should I get an EKG?

Preventatively, an EKG test is recommended once a year. However cardiac patients should test more often. If there are any changes in symptoms, it is recommended to have a test performed immediately.

What does an echocardiogram test do?

An Echocardiogram test uses sonography to take live video and picture which can identify and monitor any defects or damages to the heart.

How should I prepare for an echocardiogram?

There is no preparation required. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing as the test requires you to lay down for approximately 20-30 minutes.

What does a stress test do?

By visualizing the heart at peak exercise/stress, it is possible to identify any weakened heart muscle. Weakened heart muscle is commonly due to coronary artery, the artery supplying the heart, blockages And can lead to heart attack if left untreated.

Is there any special preparation for a stress test?

While it is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes, no other preparation is generally required with the exception of possibily skipping some blood pressure medication. If your medication qualifies, you will be notified.

For the home telemetry test, may I shower with my monitor on?

As the machine cannot get wet, you should remove the monitor before showering and put it back on after. The same is the case if you are planning on going on a boat or swimming.

Am I eligible for a home BP monitor?

It depends on your insurance eligibility.

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Symptoms & Conditions Treated

New onset or worsening symptoms as well as chronic conditions can be devastating to every day life. While many symptoms and conditions can feel life-changing, our team is here to help treat and monitor to ensure a high quality of life.

David Schechter, MD Services

Virtual Cardiology Consultation

Virtual Cardiology Consultation

Dr. Schechter can meet with you virtually to discuss any symptoms you may be experiencing and/or concerns you have.

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Office Cardiology Consultation

Office Cardiology Consultation

If you are experiencing any new or worsening cardiac symptoms and/or conditions, Dr. Schechter will meet with you in office.

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Cardiac Testing

Cardiac Testing

At Dr. Schechter's office, we offer EKGs, echocardiograms, stress tests, home telemetry, and home BP monitoring.

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Vascular Testing

Vascular Testing

We offer abdominal aorta, carotid artery, transcranial doppler and renal artery ultrasounds, as well as lower extremity vein doppler testing and lower extremity arterial sonograms.

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Miscellaneous Testing

Miscellaneous Testing

In addition to vascual and cardiac testing, we offer tilt table testing, sudoscan testing and cognitive testing.

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Home Testing

Home Testing

Many of our testing services can be provided in the comfort of your home. Check to see if our home services are provided in your area and schedule an appointment.


Dr. Schechter's Mission

Dr. Schechter's mission is to provide affordable, high quality, compassionate, virtual and at home medical care to all individuals to ensure optimum health outcomes by practicing patient-centered medicine.

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